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Fenghuang Cheng 16/04/11 - 17/04/11

16/04/11 – Fenghuang Cheng
We woke in the morning and went for breakfast in a restaurant, we had noodles and dough and boiled egg. The waitress was very nice and offered to show us around and come for a drink with us at the night time. We then set off to the southern great wall of China, which was discovered in 2000. We caught the number 2 bus part of the way and then jumped in one of the mini buses for the remainder. The entrance fee is Y45 but you get to keep the credit card type ticket as a souvenir so not too bad. We spent only a few hours at the beginning part, I don’t think either myself or Johnson are fit to do big hikes at the minute as the backs of our legs are still aching stepping of curbs but you could definitely spend a day walking along it if you wanted to.

After that, we headed back to town for dinner, the first place we stopped at we went to wash our hands in the back to see a bowl of vegetables sat on the toilet so we left. We then wandered around and found a small restaurant where myself and a local women with the happiest baby in the world kept each other entertained.

Then off to the hotel to change rooms, which turned out to be changing hotels again. We got checked in to the nicest room in the hotel (courtesy of Johnson’s cousin) and I decided to wash my clothes in the sink as all the local washing was done in the river outside the hotels. Looking back I wish I would have opted for the river as when I started to wash my underwear the sink decided to cave in and smash all over the floor leaving water pissing out of the pipes all over myself and the bathroom. The staff were called and we ventured out for a walk along the river and boat ride while they sorted it out.

When we got back they finished up installing the sink and then called Johnson to reception, he said they probably want compensation and to wait for him which I did for about 15 minutes before going do to see what was happening. When I got downstairs Johnson was in heated debate with the hotel owner while the plumber waited to be paid. After a while Johnson told me that he wants Y200 compensation and would accept his offer of Y100 but Y150 would probably be agreeable. I wasn’t happy as in England I would be the one after compensation and threatening to call in the health and safety inspectors. However, this was China and Johnson’s cousin had kindly paid for the hotel and looked after us in Jishou so I paid Y150 and we all shook hands.

After this we got ready and went out for some meat on stick treats, Johnson had often gone without spices on his food for me so I told him not to cancel the spice for a change (something I regretted on the morning after). While we were meeting we were met by the waitress form the morning called Xiang Wei (again remember as John Wayne). We all went to a bar on the river that had a guy playing live acoustic music so I was happy, we played a drinking game with dice and then all went back to our hotel room so Xiang Wei could show us all her pictures on the pc (we have a pc in our hotel room, very posh).

17/04/11 – Fenghuang day 2

Up in the morning and back to the restaurant for breakfast, then as we left Xiang Wei caught up with us and we all wandered through the market and into town, the usual constant hellos and people wanting photos with me rather than the traditionally dressed girls or fancy dress costumes you can rent up down the river made me think I could dress up in a butler outfit and earn more than most of locals offering pictures.

Now it’s 12:20 and we are back in the hotel, I will be leaving Johnson tomorrow and venturing 16 hours in Yunnan province, I really should be spending every minute investigating how I will get to and from hostels and ticket prices and train station locations but I really can’t be bothered, I will just see how I get on.

While eating dinner at the same place as yesterday, we met a girl in town for a training session. Johnson quickly became friends with her and we all went back to our hotel room. Feeling that 3 was a crowd I went off to climb the mountain behind town, I walked and walked until finally I couldn’t hear the beeping from the street below. I may not have mentioned this yet but the thing I hate most about China is the constant beeping of horns, it’s a lot worse than I remember from my last visit. In fact, I only thought it was a Beijing habit until now. Almost to the top of the mountain (which is more like a hill) I met some old Chinese women, they spoke to me in Chinese and before I knew what was going on I had a guided tour the remainder of the way. They showed me a Buddha type statue near the top, what appeared to be their home which was little more than a canopy with a stone oven in (view was nice though) and finally a barn type structure that housed a temple of sorts. If you’re looking for an authentic tribute site rather than pay per view stuff in town with the fake monks then look no further. One women got me to pray and then gave me 9 incense sticks (3 for each statue) after I made my donation! And then the other showed me a massive crack in the wall that she either wanted me to pay for or she thought I was a builder or something.

Later we had dinner and had an early night.

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