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Chengdu, Leshan 27/04/11 - 28/04/11

27/04/11 – Chengdu

Arrived in Chengdu to a barrage of people, certainly not the laid back city I had read about. After trying to get some information from some westerners about where to find hostels I found myself stood at a bus stop that no busses where stopping at. I decided this wasn’t working and I would just have a wander through the city and see where I got to, after a while I remembered that I had the shitty lonely planet and that had a map and accommodation so I reluctantly used it to get me out of the shit and into a hostel. The problem was that the map didn’t extend to where my current position was so I found a subway and found my way to Mix Hostel. I booked in and shortly after another English guy called Rob booked into the same dorm and we had a chat. Rob wanted to eat some of the famous Sichuan spicy food and I needed to book some train tickets before the May public holiday left me stranded in Chengdu.

I walked to the train station as I once again couldn’t see any buses coming that I needed and proceeded to book two tickets (Chengdu – Wuhan & Wuhan – Shanghai) after a long wait in a dynamic queue. Y600 lighter in my pocket I was off around the city getting lost for the rest of the day.

Getting back I sat with Rob and had a beer, I tried one of Robs recently acquired chickens feet and then watched the first part of Pirates of the Caribbean until it crashed so I went to bed (not the crazy party life I had read about Mix Hostel on the internet).

28/04/11 – Chengdu

Going for a shower in the morning I realised I had left my shampoo in there the day before and some bastard had nicked it. I went back to the room and Rob had his eyes open so I whispered “Rob, have you got any shampoo”, no response. He then turned to me and started looking around, “Rob, have you get any shampoo mate. Your asleep arnt you?”, no response. I went and got a shower and when I returned Rob was sat up in bed looking at me, “Are you awake now?”, Rob nodded. “you sleep with you eyes open” no response. Very odd, I thought, so I went outside and jumped on my laptop and about 15 minutes later Rob appears staring at me. “Have you picked up my shampoo yesterday when you had a shower”, no response again. He then walks past me and when I look to at him I see that he has shit all over his boxers and half his back. He wanders around in front of everyone for a while as people are spilling out of the dorm room choking from the smell and then looks at his arm (which also has shit on it), he doesn’t react at all so I tell him to get a shower but he just looks at me again. Then after another few minutes he takes off his boxers and puts them in the bin giving a Chinese girl an eye full as she brushed her teeth. “Mate, you know you’ve shit yourself don’t you, get in the shower” I say. He has a shower and come out and takes some random towel and come over to me. He is awake/out of shock at this point and able to talk. He tells me that he thought it was all a dream, haha. The problem then is that everyone in the hostel thinks it’s me that’s shit myself as I’m the English guy in that dorm too…

After that fiasco we got ready and got a bus to Leshan and went to see the big Buddha at Dafo. It was really impressive and well worth going to see, it’s 70 odd metres tall which is huge and the world’s biggest. Also there is the world’s biggest reclining Buddha at something like 170 metres long at this location but we couldn’t find it and ran out of time because we got there so late.
Getting back we shared an illegal taxi downtown with a really nice Chinese guy who we met at Dafo, he paid for the taxis which was really nice and he dropped us off at a nightlife street where we had food and proceeded to get wasted for the rest of the night, we started on beer and then supplemented it with the little bottles of daft strength paint thinner which, last time I drank it ended with me dancing in the hostel reception in Beijing after narrowly escaping a beating from gang of pimps in a brothel. Fortunately, I was heading out the next day so this would be a much tamer night.

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